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Food as Medicine: From Depletion to Fullness

Course Description: The scope of this course is to offer a progressive self-study with cues to dive deeper into truly working with food as medicine. We will assess patterns of depletion felt within us and seen in our family trends, and embrace fulfillment by up-leveling our commitment to reclaim our soil and our senses by transitioning to a real foods diet.

Class Structure: This overview and implementation class will be offered over two weeks, beginning on April 20th. It will be self-study guided by insights via email and assignments, with a live Call on Monday April 27th, 8pm/EST with Ashby. We will look at the theme of “Depletion” in week one, and after our call, shift into “Fullness” for week two to implement and take daily action for healthy change!

What We Will Cover

Personal Research

Begin within. Find out what impacts your baseline for health as a person living among modern convenience. Health trends and patterns show up in our personal and family wellness.

Soil and Strength

Develop awareness of the interconnection between the microbiome of human strength and soil integrity.

Fulfilling the Plate

Refine your foodway, or how you source, and then prepare food to evoke it’s life-giving properties. Activating and engaging longevity this way ignites empowerment.

 I hope you will join us. It’s time to re-mineralize.